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USB Broadband Dongle on Three - in Linux

Getting my USB dongle to work in Linux was shockingly easy. I don't know if I was just lucky, but I'd put off buying this for a long time, as I was convinced it would be hard to get to work in Linux. In reality it took less than 2 minutes from start to finish, and no effort at all. Here is the process for Ubuntu 8.10:

1. Open packet.
2. Insert SIM Card into dongle.
3. Turn on laptop.
4. Plug in dongle.
5. Wait for GUI to pop up.
6. Confirm your network, (in my case '3', which was auto-detected).
7. Connect to network using Network Manager, the same way as you would a wireless network.

I'm still reeling from shock at just how easy this is - it took a lot of effort to make that into a 7-point guide! Speeds are looking good, and my only issue is that the Three website doesn't seem to allow registration of USB Dongles (it claims to, but also says it will send a text message with a password, and I have no idea how I'm supposed to read a text message on a device with no screen).

Just for completion, my device is labelled on the box as a Huawei E156G USB Modem. When ordering from Three however I was just asked if I would prefer a black or a white device, so I'm not sure if they only have one model, or you don't get a choice (I chose the black). I haven't tested the MicroSD memory card slot, but I see no reason why that shouldn't work either (viewing the syslog when I plugged it in showed that it detected a USB Mass Storage Device).

Thank you!

OK, I just bought a new PAYG dongle from 3. Spent a frustrating half hour as follows... Tried network manager - didn't work. Checked device in lsusb - it was. Installed wvdial and a configuration script - no joy. Found umtsmon - but no Ubuntu package and sourceforge giving errors. Then found this help page... 2. INSERT SIM CARD INTO DONGLE!!!!! D'Oh! Slapped head, and 3 minutes later, I'm writing this! Thank you very much! ;-)

Text messages


Putting the simcard in your own phone messes with the setting of that phone.
Registering to my3 can be done by plugging the dongle into a windowsmachine, install the connectionmanager. This wil be done automatically and retrieve the password from the sms that's accessible by the connectionmanager that's installed. Then further continue to use it on linux.
Don't know how to retrieve this messages on linux, should be possible though, but it's out of my knowledge.

txt with no screen

Ok, i dunno what i'm talking about here but surely a sim card can be extracted from the device temporarily and plugged into a phone?

For the rest of it - fantastic, thanks

I've been worrying about doing this for ages but will try it soon now. Err i'm cluelss about setting up a wireless (or any other network). My home computer doesn't have wireless and the hardwired lan just worked as soon as i plugged it in - no settings, no fuss. Lol, i still can't get Xp to read the network when i boot into that side instead - lol

Nice work

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Thank you for your message and i have known what should i do now.It helps me a lot~~Thank you very much~~