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Nokia Mail 4 Exchange - awful install settings

I just installed Nokia Mail 4 Exchange to synchronise my Nokia E61 with the Exchange server at work. It appears to work fine, but the install is horrific. Whilst it's just a case of installing the sis file like any other application (or, in my case, selecting it from the 'catalogue' of installable apps), the default configuration settings are awful.

1. It changes the 'lock' code on the phone, and requires it to be entered even if you had this option disabled previously. So, to put this another way, you now have a random keycode to enter if you wish to use your device. This keycode is 12345, but there were a few moments of panic before Google told me this.

2. This is far worse. The *default* settings are, on the first sync, to delete all the contacts, calendar entries, and notes on your phone. Yes, that is correct, by default it will delete every phone number stored on your phone. I was fortunate, my phone was stolen just over a week ago, and I'd only added around 15 contacts to my replacement - others may well have not been so fortunate. I have no idea who thought this was a good default, but I applaud their sheer inability to consider their users.

Now, this is Nokia's fault, not Microsoft's, but as this was my first foray in years into using a Microsoft product or service (other than my ergonomic keyboard and mouse) it has only reinforced my dislike for the way their services seem to just take over with no regard for their users. I hope this serves as a warning to anyone else, and that they do not suffer the same misfortune as I.