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LaTeX formatting - basics

I am virtually clueless in the world of LaTeX. Having said that, I'm liking it a lot due to the power with which you can create fantastic looking documents; even if the learning curve is rather steep.

Below is an approximate layout (with the actual text removed) of my final year project at university:

%Preamble.  Ths stuff is important!
\usepackage[sort&compress,super,comma]{natbib} %required for bibliography

HOWTO: Create a launcher for your remote irssi session running in a screen session

I've recently decided to give irssi a go after all the praise people give it. My previous attempts ended in me being angry with it, but I'm giving it a fair shot this time.

After setting it up how I wanted on my server, in a screen session, I found that I didn't quite like the extra work required to start IRC-ing compared to my previous Xchat. I had to open a terminal, ssh to the remote host, and then reattach to the screen session. I was sure that this could be done all in one go, and I was correct.

SCRIPT: Get alerted when your DNS has propagated.

I occasionally have issues with slow DNS propagation between my DNS servers and myself. Instead of sitting there trying to see what is happening, I have written a little bash script to let me know when it has updated (I know this can be improved, but it works).

### Script to check if a DNS entry exists.  If it does not it will 
### check again in 60 seconds. If it does exist, it will play a file
digcommand=$(dig "$1" | grep "ANSWER SECTION")

while true
	if [ -z "$digcommand" ] ; then
	    curtime=$(date | cut -d" " -f4)

Mythtv Database Cleanup Script

I scribbled out this script quickly when I had a problem with my mythtv database crashing. I haven't really tested it much, but I think it may be useful to run as an automatic fix script triggered by a cron-job.

[update: I actually wrote this a fair while ago, and am just copying it here for reference - I would say that if you don't understand what's going on, DO NOT USE ANYTHING HERE, as it will likely break your database and set your computer on fire. Seriously. Even I have never used this in anger, as I lost interest in the script before I got it working how I wanted].

Auto-filling of grids of calculations in a spreadsheet.

A quick explanation of how to fill in calculations in a grid in a spreadsheet like excel.