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GNOME: Stop telling me that you're "Launching HTTP Cache Cleaner"

I keep getting an entry in my window list that says "Launching HTTP Cache Cleaner". It lasts a few seconds, and then vanishes, causing two resizes of all the windows in the list. It's been annoying me for quite a while, but I finally decided to see what was going on there today.

It seems that the issue is with installing KDE programs in Gnome. Usually this is Amarok, but I think it's definitely a lot more widespread than this (I don't have Amarok installed, and never have done on this machine). There are several potential solutions involving editing .desktop files, but this does not seem to work for all users.

I think the only solution is to install Kcontrol (sudo aptitude install kcontrol), and then go to "Internet & Network">"Web Browser">"Cache" and uncheck the option "Use cache". It appears to be working for me currently, but obviously, it's slightly hard to prove that it will never come back - especially as it's so intermittent and has no simple trigger.

This bug seems to have been filed several times on Launchpad, and has been around since Dapper it seems. Frustrating.

It definitely worked, and I haven't noticed any negative effects from disabling that cache.