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Bethere SMTP Server

I quite like the ISP Be. It's fast due to ADLS2, and whilst I don't get the full 24Mbps, I am happy with the 15Mbps I manage - especially as there is no traffic shaping or restrictions on it's use that I have ever come across. There is one thing that annoys me a lot. You need to use their SMTP servers to send email with your email client (which I am perfectly happy with), but I can never find the details of the server quickly when I want to. So, here they are, once and for all, to aid my memory:

Finally, the solution to my 0x800CCC0E error!!!

I did not know Bethere block port 25. It was never made clear at any point. I've spent the last couple of days wrestling with the following error:

The connection to the server has failed.
Server: '',
Protocol: SMTP,
Port: 25,
Secure(SSL): No,
Socket Error: 10060,
Error Number: 0x800CCC0E

I have tried absolutely everything recommended to solve that 0x800CCC0E error without success. One recommended option is to try 'telnet 25' to determine if the connection is successfully . It wasn't.
( By the way, VISTA doesn't have telnet available to run from the get-go. You have to activate it first: )

Anyway, port 25 being blocked eventually brought me to this site. I had no idea Bethere blocked port 25 and only allows me to use as my SMTP server. I understand the argument for them doing it (spam prevention) but, you know, I wasted a hell of a lot of time over this issue. Anyway, I can now send emails so that's the important thing.

Bethere isn't the only ISP that block port 25 and only allow you to use their own SMTP mail server. I hope other people in my situation will come across this post and find the solution to their 0x800CCC0E error.


I just found this faster than on the Be site! To answer another's question, there is no authentication because it only works if you are using it FROM a Be connection -- so, sort of a 'hard wired' authentication.


cheers from me too. Someone at Be* needs to change policy after kicking their brain into gear.,

Thank you

Thanks for posting this information here. It is complete nonsense that Be doesn't post it on their own website!

Bethere pop server

To cut a long story short, Be utterly refused to give me the name of their incoming mail server unless I went through "security". Imagine that, a simple piece of info that pretty much amounts to public knowledge yet it's top secret! This unguessable, highly classified info is listed below, just don't tell anyone. :-)

incoming mail:

Bethere, Be secure.

After managing an ISP's mail, dns and web servers for several years I can understand why they would only want to give out server information to authenticated people. They want to make sure you're a genuine BE customer and not just some malicious user. We posted our smtp server on our web site in clear view and the amount of spammers that tried using our servers as a relay was unbelievable. They trashed all four of our mail servers and we had to move them to a completely different IP address.
So yes, I understand why BE do this and I agree with them.
Also, if they gave their servers names like or, performing a quick dns enumuration check on their domain will give an attacker a nice list of domains.
They weren't being "top secret", they were looking after their customers and servers by being safe.

I totally agree its

I totally agree its ridiculous, it should have take me 2 minutes to set up evolution on Ubuntu, it took 10 mins to find the servers, and not even on their site! Now the dinners going to be late, the kids are hungry and my wife hates me.

same problem, found your post

same problem, found your post via google, and I'm grateful. Have you figured if it's authenicated SMTP, and if so what user name and password it requires? thanks

Again, same problem here,

Again, same problem here, thanks for providing this info here!

Me too

Thanks for posting it, you helped another person!