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Apt Segmentation Fault

Unfortunately I didn't do a full debug of the problem, but I had problems where both apt-get and aptitude were dying when run. Further investigation lead me to notice segmentation faults in my logs, for example:

May 1 18:34:57 ebony kernel: [249491.980426] apt-get[10391]: segfault at 7f2b59c95474 ip 00007f2b56d9bf37 sp 00007fff4401aa80 error 4 in[7f2b56d4f000+10a000]

This was fixed as follows:

sudo rm /var/cache/apt/*.bin


Really saved me a lot of effort resetting my bootable USB.

I love the captcha, but regarding the input formats in the comments, I have to check something:

$('body').append('It seems your site is vulnerable to CSRF.');