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Amazon's MP3 Service on 64bit Linux

Edit: This is no longer required, as clamz (available in the Ubuntu repositories) is a CLI client that natively allows you to download from the Amazon MP3 store.

I was rejoicing in the streets about Amazon's DRM-free mp3 service when it was announced that it was available in the UK. My joy was undiminished when I saw that I had to use a download program to obtain my mp3s, because they supported *several* Linux distros. There was one problem however - they do not support 64bit, but this is simple to work around.

When prompted by Amazon, download their download application, as a deb file. If you try to install it with gdebi, or otherwise, it will inform you that it cannot be installed on a 64bit system. Fear not however as GetLibs coupled with a forced install can do the work we need - and do it very simply.

1. Download the amazon deb file.
2. Download and install the getlibs .deb file (install with Gdebi as prompted).
3. In the same directory as your downloaded amazonmp3.deb, execute:

sudo dpkg -i --force-all amazonmp3.deb

4. Verify the path of "amazonmp3" as /usr/lib/amazonmp3. This can be done with:

which amazonmp3

5. Run getlibs:

 getlibs /usr/bin/amazonmp3 

Adjust path as appropriate if different result above. Let it install the missing dependencies it has found.
6. You can now use amazon's mp3 service on a 64bit Linux install. You can remove, or store elsewhere the .deb file that you downloaded.

This information is correct for a 64bit Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) install.